Get to know us

Who is the woman behind the Geanina Calin brand?

I was born in Romania, but I moved to Madrid in 2006, and I decided to start a new stage in this country that I love so much. 

To define myself in a few words, I could say that Geanina is an earthquake, a 4×4 woman who can never stand still, but above all a tireless non-conformist who is constantly looking to learn, improve and grow in every way. 

I think that in this life nothing is impossible.

I am a sports fanatic, I love getaways and trips to recharge batteries to any corner of the world, I like to read any genre from crime or romance novels to documentaries or studies and research, but without a doubt, what fills my soul the most is sharing time and being surrounded by my family and my friends.

I am a graduate in Business Administration and Management, with an MBA, and I have been working for several years in transformation and innovation, a career developed and consolidated mostly in companies in the real estate sector. It is a job that I am passionate about, as everything I do, because I believe that we must always add a little bit of passion to life, as it is the only way to enjoy what we do.

How was Geanina Calin born?

Geanina Calin was born from a dream. 

Despite my passion for my job, since I was a little girl I always dreamed of designing. In fact, I remember that when I was little I used to cut my mother's clothes and with them I sewed clothes for my dolls so they would always be trendy.

After many moments of uncertainty, I made the decision to embark on this new stage and to launch this small personal project.

Supported by my mother, my fundamental pillar, the one who has always taught me that you should never give up, but above all, the one who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, I have dared to realize what once was only a chimera.

As my mother so often tells me "You should never be left wanting to do something." 

And that is how my childhood dream began to become real and that is how this new journey in the world of design and manufacture of handmade footwear began. My way to the big bet of my life. My biggest challenge. A challenge that is not easy to achieve, something that undoubtedly requires a lot of time, sacrifice and illusion, but at the same time has become the most ambitious goal of my life. 

But without a doubt, once again and as I have always done, I will fight to win this great challenge.

A new path that for me is everything. It is illusion, love, nerves and uncertainty, effort and sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, sleepless nights, exhaustion, terror, but hope and optimism at the same time. Hence our leitmotiv "Geanina Calin is love at every step."

Craftsmen 100%

How and where do we do it?

The manufacturing process we use is handmade with almost no machinery, with a different master craftsman taking part in each of the production phases.

We have opted for the craftsmanship, for the faire taste and for our small manufacturers of Elda with whom we develop all our models, because the proximity gives us the possibility to streamline and monitor the process, and on the other hand because we wanted to bet on the quality and experience of the best Spanish professionals. 

Together with them, and once the designs are created, patterns are made, lasts, prototypes and samples are developed. 

Everything is subjected to multiple quality controls, and I myself test the samples over and over again until I consider them to be perfect for production. 

Comfort and style

What is your inspiration?

I am inspired by the image of the refined woman, the woman who fits THE SHOEAnd not just any shoe, but an authentic, sexy, yet chic one, the one that should be the protagonist of your entire look, whether it is a stiletto, a sandal or a mercedita.

With my designs I look for the shoe to be the protagonist of any outfit, and not the other way around. It should be a shoe that generates a WOW sensation when you see it and is the center of attention of all eyes. 

I also like to be inspired by sensations and I try to reflect in each of my designs, my way of being, because they all bear my imprint and a small part of me or what life means to me.

For example, in the case of the Rainbow line, I have been inspired by summer and what it means to me. And summer is synonymous with joy, happiness, pleasure, vacations, beach, sea, sun, sand, nature, and all this together, it's a mixture full of color, it's Rainbow. 

In addition to exclusivity, Geanina Calin wants to offer a comfortable shoe. That shoe that when you see it steals your heart, but when you try it on you think: "It fits me like a glove."

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