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What is
Geanina Calin?

Geanina Calin is
"Love in every step"

It is the dream of a little girl that after many moments of uncertainty, nerves, terror, dedication, perseverance, effort and a lot of sacrifice, becomes something real.

Geanina Calin is true passion and enthusiasm for what we do.

It means using the best materials, the best quality and taking care of every last detail in the handcrafted manufacture of our women's shoes. It means betting on the best professionals in the sector and surrounding yourself with the best team.
It is to seek exclusivity and design that identify our shoes with the brand, without neglecting the comfort and quality in the manufacturing process.

In short, Geanina Calin is Essence

Craftsmen 100%

How and where
do we do it?

We have opted for national production, and both the development and manufacture of our shoes are carried out in Elda, where else but in the cradle of Spanish footwear?

We have a 100% handmade process in which each and every one of its phases are carried out manually by the best Spanish master craftsmen.

From the choice of materials, the development of the lasts and the prototype, its modifications and improvements, the cuts of the leathers, the sewing, until finally, the assembly of the final product, the different craftsmen of the trade elaborate it, by hand, with hardly any machines.

Comfort and style

Why do you
and for whom?

Every woman who loves heels knows what it feels like to spend long hours in a stiletto, a mid-quality shoe or a shoe without any cushioning.
That's why Geanina Calin has thought of all those women who want to show off their heels without having to pay such a high price.

In addition to exclusivity, Geanina Calin wants to offer a comfortable shoe. That shoe designed for all women who love high heels and, made in such a way that when you try it on you think: "It fits me like a glove".

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