Stiletto GC Benedetto

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The GC Stiletto inspired by the all-terrain woman!


Introducing our GC Stiletto inspired by the all-terrain woman.

The executive, independent woman, who at the same time that she worries about being impeccable at work, wants to be dazzling to go out dancing, to have a drink with her friends, to go to dinner with her partner, to attend the wedding of her best friend, or simply the one who wants to wear heels just because she wants to look beautiful.

Elaborated 100% of handmade form with the best existing raw materials in the market.

In addition to exclusivity, Geanina Calin wants to offer a comfortable shoe. That shoe designed for all women who love high heels and, made in such a way that when you try it on you think: "it fits like a glove". 

To do this, and in order to increase the feeling of comfort, we use the best raw materials to which we add the gel pads incorporated into the inner sole of all our models.

We use the highest quality leathers with guaranteed sustainability and durability. For the buckle, we have opted for eco-free nickel free of antibacterial chrome.

We have opted for national production, and both the development and manufacture of our shoes are carried out in Elda, where else but in the cradle of Spanish footwear?
We have a 100% handmade process in which each and every one of its phases are carried out manually by the best Spanish master craftsmen.
From the choice of materials, the development of the lasts and the prototype, its modifications and improvements, the cuts of the leathers, the sewing, until finally, the assembly of the final product, the different craftsmen of the trade elaborate it, by hand, with hardly any machines.


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Cutting leather

Goat suede

Inner leather

Goat lining


Gel comfort 4mm


Sole natural leather sole semi glossy toasted leather

Heel height

9,5 cms

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Quality and comfort

Gel cushions for maximum comfort

Eco Materials

With the best sustainable raw materials

Craftsman 100%

Handmade at all stages

Discover the process

Our craftsmanship
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22,4 35 2,5 4 8,8"
23 36 3,5 5 9"
23,7 37 4 5,5 9,3"
24,4 38 5 6,5 9,6"
25,4 39 5,5 7 10"
25,7 40 6,5 8 10,1"
26,4 41 7,5 9 10,3"

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